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Introducing Digitised Cloudbased Trust Services

Our electronic signing platform and secure cloud storage ensures that trustees are kept involved in the trust’s decisions and administration, protecting your trust from being deemed a sham – think of it as your insurance policy against attack!

A trust is usually at the centre of a client’s estate plan, because it allows a client to divest himself of his assets for the benefit of loved ones, yet retain involvement in the administration of the trust and also include himself as a beneficiary who may benefit, usually at the discretion of the trustees.

No other single vehicle allows for this unique set of circumstances, thus providing an effective tax “avoidance” and asset protection structure as long as the trust deed is properly drafted and the trust is administered meticulously.

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New Foreign Asset Amnesty

09 June 2016  |  Tax  |  By Andre Calitz

“As the world becomes increasingly globalised and cross-border activities become the norm, tax administrations need to work together..."

Special Trusts

23 May 2016  |  Trusts, Wills, Estates, Tax  |  By Chamonie Buys

There are two types of special trusts recognised for tax purposes in the Income Tax Act. The first type of Trust is referred to as a Special Type A Trust ...

Is Your Trust Valid?

08 March 2016  |  Trusts  |  By Chamonie Buys

You instruct a company to prepare and register a Trust and you accept, in good faith, that the Trust is valid. Sadly, it turns out that this was not the case ...

No matter how good the trustee’s intentions, if his decisions and actions don’t pass muster he will be liable to the beneficiaries for any loss sustained as a result of his decisions or actions.